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Creating a medical centre like no other in Croydon

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We are excited to announce the second HealthMint Medical Centre at Croydon Central shopping centre opening soon!

Our team is dedicated to bring the glowing reputation, genuine care and top standards that we have become known for, to the beautiful families of Croydon.

This expansion means so much to us, and we are just so excited to be here! Being able to bring our vision of looking at things from fresh perspectives and applying this to healthcare, means we can help so many more people reach their potential.

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Croydon Central Shopping Centre Logo HealthMint Medical Centre

HealthMint Medical Centre at Croydon Central Shopping Centre

5-15 Kent Avenue
Croydon VIC 3136

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Our famous 5 minute wait time continues in Croydon!

HealthMint has pioneered the ‘patient experience’ model of care. With us you can feel relaxed and confident that your health is in good hands and enjoy our average 5 minute wait!

For those who are already familiar with our concept, you will know that we have literally changed lives. Many have gone from dreading the doctor and having fragmented care to feeling empowered and motivated to engage with their health.

For the residents of Croydon and surrounds, this means a much higher standard for what a clinic should feel like, how it should operate and the level of respect and care that you deserve when seeking healthcare. No more rush-em-in rush-em-out, or old dingy plastic chairs. Your doctors will sit facing you, putting you at the centre of our attention, and longer appointments are prioritised. Plus we are committed to bringing our amazing average 5 minute wait time with us to Croydon.

Significant progress has been made to transform Croydon Central into a contemporary and vibrant retail and community hub with new fresh food, services, retail, and dining open and trading in early 2020.

Meet the Croydon Team

Interested in joining the HealthMint Croydon Team?

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GP Services

Women’s medicine | Children’s medicine | Men’s medicine | Skin and mole checks | Immunisations |  TAC and workcover | + many more

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Allied Health



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Quick Consults

Medical certificates | Repeat Scripts or referrals | Some immunisations | Blood tests


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Health Checks

Comprehensive health check up -spend time with our nurse and doctor going through a range of factors relevant to your age and gender


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Want to see what all the hype is about?

Our famous 5 minute wait time is certainly news worthy!

10 news first healthmint medical centre

Melbourne GP Clinic Using Technology To Cut Down Wait Times – Ten News First Exclusive

GP wait time: what causes long queues and how you can avoid waiting


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