Diabetes Education

Diabetes Education in Cranbourne

What does a credentialled diabetes educator (CDE) do?

A CDE has specialised knowledge in diabetes, to help people achieve diabetes self-management and prevent complications. A CDE can be the first point of call when you are wanting more information, support and/or motivation in the management of your diabetes and the link between other health professionals. Your CDE will be there with you the entire way through your journey.
A CDE will explain what diabetes is and provide individualized advice on how to get your blood glucose levels within the appropriate target range.
They also provide education and support regarding anything relevant to your diabetes. For example, understanding your diagnosis, complications, management, medication education, insulin therapy and emotional support. They can also help you with managing sick days and preparing for travel.
All education provided by a CDE is based on best practices and up to date guidelines.

What happens during a diabetes education consultation?

It depends on your specific diagnosis and any co-morbidities (other illnesses) that you have. Your CDE will start by understanding you and your individual goals/needs. They will go through explaining diabetes in detail, complications and how to prevent hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) from occurring.
For people with type 1 diabetes, a CDE can help you manage your medication, meal plans, eye care and looking after your feet.
For people with type 2 diabetes, a CDE can help you prolong needing medication and help you make the transition to medication when/if the insulin producing cells in your pancreas stop producing insulin.
A CDE will also provide you with education about using a glucometer.

Do I need a diabetes educator?

If you have diabetes or pre-diabetes then you should certainly consult a diabetes educator.
A CDE can provide you with initial information, what can happen in the future and what to look out for if something goes wrong.
The frequency of your visits to a diabetes educator will depend on your diabetes and your blood glucose levels.

Who is the HealthMint diabetes educator?

We are very fortunate to have Division 1 Nurse and Diabetes Educator, Harleen Kaur, on our team! Harleen is an intelligent, thorough and calming CDE who loves working with people towards their goals. She strives to always keep up to date on the latest guidelines and best practices, and provide clear and simple information to patients to empower them with understanding diabetes. Harleen is available for consultations for diabetes education by referral from a GP.

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