Our Difference

Learn how our different approach to medical care will benefit you

Rebuilt the Patient Experience

At HealthMint, we have broken down barriers that have traditionally been part of healthcare. You’ll feel this in every aspect of our medical centre, starting from when you book an appointment.

Priorities are in Order

Our priority is making sure you feel heard, relaxed, respected and confident that your health is in good hands.

Happy Patients

when was the last time you felt this good leaving the doctor?


Feel relaxed and comfortable

Our space has been carefully designed, so that when you visit us, you feel comfortable and at ease. We have a large open plan waiting space, with adjoining light filled rooms. We want you to feel invigorated and revitalized when you visit us, and we want your children to enjoy our space too – so we have dedicated space for them to play, while you relax on one of our comfortable couches – not that you will be waiting long!

Preventative Medicine

Feel happier knowing we have your back in sickness and in health

We believe that you should visit a doctor to maintain health, not just when you’re unwell – so we place a focus on preventative medicine. When you come to us for a thorough health check we provide tailored advice specific to your gender, age and particular health concerns that can help you maintain optimal health specific to your needs.


Feel respected - you will never have to wait long

Our systems and processes are put in place to enhance efficiency, so that we can deliver high quality care, while minimising wait times. This means looking at how we can cut down on waste, such as by using technology to save time, so that more time is available for your consultations with our doctors and nurses. By being more efficient, we can maintain a high quality service while keeping prices affordable and healthcare accessible.

Attentive Care

Feel heard and cared for

We put you at the centre of our attention. When you arrive at our centre, you won’t find a receptionist hidden behind a tall desk. We’ve removed the reception desk to create a more personal interaction between you and our staff.

Professional and tech savvy

Feel confident that your health is in good hands

We have researched and utilised a variety of technology not traditionally used in the healthcare sphere. We offer tablets for check in, and all of our staff work through mobile devices – so that we can put our full attention on the most important thing to us – you. This lets us attend to your needs from the moment you walk in the door and assist you no matter where you are inside the medical centre.


Book your appointment anytime, anywhere

Our services are accessible – there is no need to call up during business hours. Through our website and app you can book your appointment at any time of day or night.