Dietitian in Cranbourne

Dietitians are trained professionals who work with you to develop improved eating habits and a better relationship with food.

At HealthMint, our dietitian Saabira practices a very special and unique approach called the ‘non-diet approach’. This is something many patients really love and can benefit from for years to come.

Part of the journey is focusing on problem solving and assisting you to move forward

What is the non-diet approach?
This approach means not putting you on a strict eating plan or counting calories – it’s the exact opposite –you can enjoy everything, in moderation and with thoughtful balance.
It involves discussing and working on your relationship with food, so that you can work on improving your eating habits for a lifetime.
Is it really awkward to see a Dietitian?
It shouldn’t be – but that doesn’t mean you won’t feel nervous or apprehensive beforehand. That is totally normal. The first step in meeting with a dietitian is for them to help you feel comfortable and at ease once you meet them. Our practitioners understand that more often than not you may be nervous and not sure what to expect. Discussing your relationship with food can be confronting and our practitioners encourage you to take your time as it is important that you feel comfortable.
Who is the Dietitian at HealthMint?
You can visit our team page to learn more about our dietitian – Saabira. She is really easy to be around and to talk to. We’ve had many patients work with her towards great success, and a healthier life.