Partner with the future of healthcare!

HealthMint is looking for active GP partners to share in our success as we grow a network of Private GP owned clinics around Australia!

Are you interested in running your own practice? Want to get ahead with the support of a proven healthcare model behind you? This is your opportunity to be part of the future of healthcare!
The HealthMint method of working with GPs to open up clinics is quite a unique business opportunity. We set up each new practice in a 60/40 partnership, with 1 GP owning 40% or 2 GPs owning 20% each of the practice.
The active GP partner/s are tasked with the day to day operations of the clinic, and HealthMint handles the set up and back-end, administrative aspects, such as branding, marketing, IT, systems, book-keeping and hiring/on-boarding.
If you’re a GP with heaps of passion and some interest in business, who would love to be part of the HealthMint movement, we invite you to join us as we grow into a network of private billing, GP owned practices. We are looking to form a strong group of GPs with a spark in their eye, and a passion for rolling up their sleeves and doing things a bit differently (ok, a lot differently).

Why join forces with HealthMint?

Arm chair in healthmint medical centre waiting room

Patients love us

They tell us that they feel more relaxed when they walk in, that they feel better just being in our space, and that our team provides the best experience they’ve ever had in healthcare:

Practitioners love us

They feel calm and in control knowing they can focus on patients because everything else is taken care of. Plus they love our innovative re-design of the consulting room, with tons of natural light! If you’ve ever worked in a dreary clinical environment, in a room that runs out of stock and doesn’t even have natural light, or felt unsupported by admin staff, overbooked and undervalued by patients – then you know what we’re talking about!

What does joining forces with us mean?

  • Be supported – Instead of going it alone through the often daunting and gruelling aspects of starting up your own GP clinic, benefit from our support and rely on our processes. Our unique 60/40 partnership model greatly reduces your start up costs
  • Enjoy the experience – We set up a brand new, ready to go practice practice that feels like a living room in a stylish home – with all of the IT, equipment, furniture etc done for you
  • Focus on activating patients to engage in their own care – recent SmartVax data shows our patient base is 10-20% more actively involved in their care than the national average
  • Reduce the pressure – Focus on your patients, enjoying slow medicine and working closely with your team following our step by step processes. Get off the treadmill of churn and burn medicine!
  • Earn well – You enjoy the benefit of attracting patients willing to pay a private rate. If you are selected to become an equity doctor you also enjoy a share in the profits of the practice you have bought into – and get the benefit of joining a team of like-minded owner doctors!

What kind of services do we provide?

As an example:

  • We use our proven systems and processes to blitz accreditation, and run a tight ship
  • We market the brand and promote the group of practices
  • We do all of the book-keeping and back end accounts
  • We negotiate sub-leasing contracts for the practice

Who are we?

Our names are Paul and Chantelle. We are a husband and wife team, and over the last few years we have invested our blood, sweat and tears into pioneering the ‘Patient Experience’ model of care, resulting in a thriving private practice in Cranbourne amongst bulk-billing clinics.
We have had features run on us by a local blogger, in BOQ’s Best Practice Magazine, the Lean Medicine blog, the Cranbourne Star News and the Herald Sun!

If you want to be part of this amazing journey, we would love to hear from you!

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